Hey, I’m Erotibot, and for most of my life I’ve had an intense interest in sexuality… what it means to me, and how it makes me feel. Sex has always fascinated me in ways that few other things have. It commands our attention and stirs our deepest emotions. It’s an endless source of satisfaction and great ambition in life. It’s a way to express ourselves and to express how we feel how towards others. I also think it’s no big deal and often wonder why the subject is still considered taboo by so many.

When I was growing up I read comics often, and it wasn’t long before I stumbled into the world of anime and manga. The art style resonated with me immediately. It leapt out at you from behind the pages. The characters were vibrant and alive, full of energy and emotion.

So when I first discovered hentai I knew I had found something special…

It combined two of the things I loved the most. Sex and art – and it was an art form like no other! The stories were crazy, far-fetched, and imaginative beyond belief. It explored sex in ways I had never considered and it allowed me to dream of possibilities. To top it off, it was all wrapped up with an expressive art style that titillated and thrilled the viewer. I spent many days and nights dreaming of those stories as I replayed them over and over in my head.

I was hooked.

A lot of time passed since then, and I went through many different phases searching for myself as an artist while learning how to draw. I dabbled in many different areas but nothing ever made me feel the way my favorite kind of art did. When I returned to erotic art I found myself full of vigor and ready to give it my all. Since then it’s been my goal to create erotic art that’s uniquely my own, with all of the qualities that I love about it the most.

Sexy, fun, and exciting… in a word, Erotibotica!