an offer he can’t refuse…

…or can he?


As some of you may be aware, my Tumblr account was recently terminated in the great unholy purge. Although I have emailed support I am not expecting my account to be reinstated. I had previously been receiving the bulk of my traffic to this site through Tumblr, so I’m not sure yet what to do about that loss, but if you were a follower on Tumblr I hope you find your way back here regardless. Although it may not be ideal for some, you can always follow me on Twitter @erotibot_art where I post whenever the site has been updated.

Additionally if you’re looking for more Erotibot action you can always pledge (wink wink nudge nudge) to my Patreon to support this comic and receive additional content, wips, and new pages early.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re enjoying the comic so far!